It is said that food is usually as good as the one who prepares it. Indeed, for any catering service, it is ultimately the skills of the chefs that determine the quality of the food served and the satisfaction it generates among clients. At Elegant Catering Designs, we know what makes great chefs stand out from the competition, and what qualities good chefs must have to make their mark in this business. Our team of chefs has been handpicked so as to adhere to the same standards of quality that we pride ourselves on. Apart from first-class training, our chefs have vast experience in the field, and the vision to create quality cuisine and take this company forward.


At Elegant Catering Designs, we have a formidable team of chefs, all of whom are believers of high-quality, efficient work and deliver cuisine that is rich, flavorful and innovative. They function in tandem and fulfill their respective roles to the best of their abilities to make sure that every client gets the best value for money and satisfaction that they deserve when they work with us. Some of the important roles here at Elegant Catering Designs are –

  • Executive Chef – He presides over all processes and manages the entire team of chefs. Our executive chef has decades of experience working in some of the top restaurants in the world, and has been awarded many honors for meaningful contribution to the world of cuisine. With years of experience at top restaurants across the globe, his is one of the finest pair of hands one can find in a kitchen


  • Corporate Chef – In corporate events, there is need for smart, innovative food items. Our corporate chef is a creative thinker who envisions smart dishes for corporate events and parties. They have experience is executing time-tested recipes and develop total perfection with standard ingredients. They also think out of the box and create new, innovative recipes especially for special occasions such as weddings


  • Sous Chefs and Pastry Chefs – These skilled chefs know all our recipes inside out and deliver a host of appetizers, entrees and desserts, displaying the level of quality only found in the best restaurants.